Watch for Motorcycles!

Watch for Motorcycles!

Anyone who is connected to Nick on social media knows he was recently on a motorcycle trip. Everyone who tried to email Amanda also knows that she was on an EPIC MOTORCYCLE TRIP. One breakdown, two weeks, and three lost pairs of sunglasses later: we returned to Philadelphia… just in time for our back brakes to start binding up.

So! Did you know we also do motorcycle inspections at Schummers? Both locations. It says so right on our sign.

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While it should go without saying, buying and maintaining a motorcycle is a lot like buying and maintaining a car. If you’re thinking about buying, get it checked out by us. We’re also available to help answer questions about when, where, and what to buy.

If you already have a bike, you’ll have to get it inspected on a yearly basis. Summer is a good time to have your inspection done, since you won’t have to worry about riding through the freezing cold to get here.

We can also give you some recommendations on where to go for quality repairs. There are a few good shops in the neighborhood. Fastidious care and regular hat’s why we’re still riding a bike from 1979 through the mountains in 2016.

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That big one, not the bicycle

How was the journey? 2100 miles of Awesome. We started with a leisurely ride through rural Pennsylvania, until we broke down in Stewartstown, PA with a bad battery (of uncommon size.) At exactly 100 miles from our house, calling AAA for a tow was pretty tempting, until we realized that there was a car parts warehouse just two blocks away. After three hours of battery charging and installation, we were on our way again.

We got to Front Royal, took requisite pictures of entering Skyline Drive, and began the 104-mile journey through Shenandoah National Park (with one quick stopover for the night.) If you have never camped in a near-empty national park after day of riding, I can tell you: it is amazing. In the morning, we began the rest of the journey, which included sunsets over the mountains, 500 additional miles of mountain vistas, driving through clouds, temperature changes, rain showers, and breathtakingly peaceful places.

Of course, the best part of the trip was being in South Carolina with the family, attending a wedding, and being with the ones we love.

The return trip was a long ride up the coast. It was actually several rides: first was the old south; complete with church ruins, Spanish moss, and beaches. Then we entered the outer banks: scenic island towns, thin causeways, and ferries. We finished by waking up in a closed-down campground, riding the bay bridge tunnel and the bay, and then ending up on the coast of New Jersey to hang with the Schummers.





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