A post for people who love cars… and vegetables

A post for people who love cars… and vegetables

This is the month for all those summer classics. We’ve certainly seen a good number of air conditioning checks with this heatwave. We’re also doing a lot of inspections to help people prep for their long road trips.

IMG_5246Besides vacations and heatwaves, what else do we do during the dog days of summer? Celebrate tomatoes!

This brings us to our August Super Special Special: Free tomatoes with every service!

Are you thinking, “How can they give away free vegetables with every purchase?! This is just crazy talk and exclamation points!”

Wait, there’s more!!!

We also have squashes and basil, for those of us who aren’t lovers of nightshades. Oh, and there was one precious watermelon, which we ate yesterday.

Are you thinking, “I really want to take advantage of this offer, but I don’t own a car.” Well, we’re willing to extend this offer to anyone, regardless of vehicular status. Just stop by and grab some ‘maters.

Want to know more about our growing system?

In the back of Willard Street, we have a typical tiny paved yard:


Courtesy of Jacquin’s Quality Liquors, we also have several 25-gallon growing containers. See those? They are plastic drums cut in half. Sometimes, we even use washed-out containers that used to hold windshield washer fluid. We fill them with a little bit of compost from the recycling center, and we’re off and growing. This time of year, it’s basil and tomatoes. That’s why we’re eating them for all three meals. (Try this recipe!)

IMG_5248We’ve been watering them for months, and now we’re getting some great returns. We pick those and put them on the sales counter. This time of year is tomatoes, but keep a look out for squashes and kales and cabbages soon. Every season brings its own joys.

So, if you have questions or comments, feel free to add them. We love to fix cars, but we also love answering gardening questions. (Well, Amanda does.)

Cars and gardening, in one place. Not as weird as it seems. Could this be the Vanagon’s future?


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