What’s a “Multi-Point” Inspection?
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What’s a “Multi-Point” Inspection?

Expert… just another word for ‘nerd.’

Everyone has that friend who’s an ‘expert.’ Maybe it’s an expert gardener who tells you that your roses need pruning; all you see is flowers. Or, maybe it’s an expert foodie who will expound the virtues of your favorite take-out place, but all you can say is ‘yeah, it tastes good.’ Beer expert? Bike expert? Political expert? Ever tried to talk comics with the guy behind the comic book store counter? Yeesh!

Let’s say this about ‘experts.’ It’s usually hard to have them around. But, it’s really great to have one around when you need it! (Where should I take my girlfriend for a date? What sort of wine should I bring? Do these colors go together?) But let’s also acknowledge, it can sometimes be hard work to understand their suggestions, especially when they want to tell you everything. We get it. So at Schummer’s, we are happy to be the experts you need, and we take time to really communicate. AND we won’t sound like your friend Lloyd telling you how much better music is on vinyl, for the 10th time.


That’s a lot of checkboxes!

In other words, we’re car nerds. Friendly car nerds.

So what is a ‘multi-point inspection?’

We look at your car with expert eyes. It’s like getting a beer with your friend who will talk about the ‘citrus-forward west coast style IPA.’ Like going to dinner with a food critic from the Inquirer. We notice things.

But what about that clear communication stuff? Cars are the most complicated machines most of us own. We’ve found it helps to write it down, and here’s the paper we’re using right now. We hope you find it as helpful as we do.

What should I expect? 

We’ll go through the entire list, pointing out what’s good (green,) what needs to be fixed now (red,) and what you’ll want to fix soon (yellow.)

We’ll tell you if your fluids are low. For a small additional charge we’ll remove the wheels and take a look at your brakes, make sure they’re good, so you’ll be able to stop when you need to. We tell you if your tires are safe. Best of all, we’ll go over your car’s records maintenance records with you, as well as known issues with your car, so you won’t be surprised by a transmission service or other problems.

Then, we’ll mark it up on this sheet, and explain it. If you have any questions, we will answer them clearly and completely.

old-inspection-form-frontHow is this different from a state inspection?

We include a Multi-Point Inspection at no additional charge with every oil change. It is an unobtrusive inspection and looks at the parts of the car that are accessible while up on a lift.  A full state inspection takes a deep look at your car: removing the tires, doing tests, filling out state paperwork, and getting the tools out.

We hope that the next time you’re here for service, our fancy colored form helps you feel more informed about the state of your car. We also hope it makes you a more confident driver.

We’ll feel better knowing that we’re doing everything we can to keep your car as safe as possible.


A fun historical note: we’ve been doing this for years! Here’s a vintage version that Nick’s grandfather used to use (click to zoom in and see old school terms such as like “point dwell”!)





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  • Tyler Johnson
    August 9, 2019, 3:40 pm REPLY

    That’s good to know that a state inspection will take a deeper look at your car. I would think that it could be useful if there was an issue that was not easily seen in another inspection. I’ll have to consider getting a state inspection done on my car if I have an issue that a multi-point inspection wouldn’t find.

  • Brendan Shelton
    August 28, 2019, 5:10 pm REPLY

    I have seen "multi-point" inspections on my receipt and at mechanic shops before but I never really understood what it was. I appreciate you clarifying that it’s a test done on your vehicle to find key areas that need to be replaced soon or are in good enough condition to continue. My wife’s truck needs a tune-up soon so we will keep your article in mind as we find a mechanic that can work on it for us.

  • Trevor Hall
    October 22, 2019, 3:54 pm REPLY

    My wife and I have seen some multi-point inspections on cars before but I never really understood what everything meant. It’s great that you explained how the red areas need to be serviced right away because it’s in danger of breaking. Before we buy our next car we will try to get an inspection that will clear up the problems with the vehicle.

  • Edward Faris
    January 16, 2020, 2:48 am REPLY

    I never took into account the fact that with a multi-point inspection, one could go through the car’s records maintenance and also know the issues with the car. In a few weeks, my wife and I will be going on a business trip, but we worry about the car’s condition since it’s been in use for some years now. After reading this, a multi inspection might be necessary to ensure the car is in good condition.

  • Bryson Owens
    January 28, 2020, 5:14 pm REPLY

    It’s great to know that they check fluids as well as everything else in the vehicle. My partner and I have an older car that we are trying to keep running. I think an inspection by a professional mechanic will really help us understand our car better.

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