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It’s that time of year… time for a shiny new inspection sticker! It’s a legal requirement, but it’s also peace of mind that you and your family will be safe on the road.

Whether you drive a car or a motorcycle, we can inspect it. We’ll make sure your vehicle is ready for whatever roads you want to take it on.

While all locations can fulfill your state requirement, only the Mayfair location can do it with a vintage sign and one of the original PA Inspection Station numbers – 0789.


Car Inspections are $70 including all those confusing fees, sales tax, and bells and whistles that others don't include in their "advertised price".
Large Commercial Vehicles, vans, and trucks are $10 more, motorcycles are much much less. The price breakdown as required by the great Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is as follows:
PA Safety Inspection $47.95 (includes $8 sticker / program management fee) +tax. There is a $10+ surcharge for commercial vehicles, vans, and large trucks.
PA Emissions Inspection $16.86 (includes $1.57 sticker / program management fee) +tax
Motorcycle Inspection $27.78 (includes $8 sticker / program management fee) +tax


We are an official PA Inspection and Emissions Station (0789 in Mayfair and KJ04 in Kensington.) Both shops can inspect your car, and we share vehicle history information between shops.

Coming to us for repairs, regular maintenance AND your annual PA Inspection means that we’ll really get to know your car, and you’ll get the best care possible. Nobody likes failure, and we can let you know what might be a problem BEFORE you fail your annual PA Inspection (and get a ticket for parking your car on the street with expired stickers – the meter maids are BRUTAL!)

We also back up our work with a one year / 12,000 mile guarantee.

Let us become part of your yearly routine. We look forward to getting to know you (and your car)!


  • What is a PA State Inspection, and why do I need it?

    There are really two inspection that you need to be road legal in Philadelphia. While it may seem like a hassle, both are very important to the health and safety of all drivers on the road.

    First, and most importantly, there is the Safety Inspection. States that require annual safety inspections have lower rates of mortality in vehicular collisions. Mandatory safety inspections mean that you can rest easy knowing that your tires are strong and your brakes will work. It also mean that the person driving next to you has good tires, and the person behind you has good brakes, too.

    There’s also a federally required Emissions Inspection, managed by the State of Pennsylvania and part of the Safety Inspection. You need to PASS the Emissions Inspection to pass the Safety Inspection.

    Especially if you live in the city, you can see why this is important! Emissions inspections help keep the amount of dangerous chemicals to a minimum. It means that are Philly is healthier, and we can let our children breath the air without fear. Emissions inspections are also a great way to gauge if your car is running efficiently. Is your CHECK ENGINE Lite ON? It may be an emissions related problem, so have us check it out BEFORE your annual inspection is due!

  • When does my car need to be inspected?

    90 days BEFORE the current Inspection Stickers expire.

    Your car needs to PASS both the Safety and Emissions Inspections BEFORE the last day of the month on your current windshield sticker. You can get your car inspected 90 days BEFORE the sticker expires and get that same month, so you don’t lose any time getting it inspected early, and you save the frustration of waiting until the last minute and letting your sticker expire if you don’t pass the first time. And remember, if you fail the first inspection, we do not charge you to re-inspect within 30 days of the initial inspection.

  • What does the cost of Inspection include?

    We get asked a lot about the cost of inspection, especially when the car fails. “Why do I have to pay for the inspection if my car didn’t pass”, “Why does the cost seem so high?” or my personal favorite “Why didn’t you tell me my car wouldn’t pass when I dropped it off?”

    So, why do we charge for inspections? Since there aren’t any parts, you may wonder why it costs anything at all. Well, when you pay for a State Inspection sticker, you are paying a highly skilled professional to take a serious look at your vehicle. You’re also helping pay for the (expensive) equipment -required by the State of Pennsylvania for every licensed Inspection Station – that we use to make sure you car is safe and to test the emissions control systems.

    Our prices and Inspection Mechanic license information is clearly posted in the waiting room, as required by PA State Law

    If you ever have pricing or any other questions about your vehicle and the PA Inspection Program, please ask your service writer or call us! People ask all the time if “this broken thing” will pass. While we can’t technically fail your car until we inspect it, we’re happy to give free advice, and we’re always willing to do whatever it takes to explain the Inspection Program to you.

    Oh, and if your CHECK ENGINE Lite is ON, chances are very, very good your car will not pass the Emissions Inspection. The Law of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania says I have to “test the vehicle as presented” which means it’s illegal for me to tell you you’re going to fail before I test your car. Crazy, right? Of course it’s fine and legal for me to warn you when you’re in for your oil change a month before your Inspection Stickers expire… which is another reason why you should use us for all your automotive needs!

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