We offer great car repairs… period. We take pride in our reliability, our professionalism, and our honesty. Your car is an investment, and we’ll help you care for it properly.

Our shop is staffed by ASE certified mechanics, friendly service professionals, and a curmudgeonly owner. We work as a team to ensure that you (and your vehicle) are cared for. Whether you have an adorable compact car, or a beat-up 450, we can fix your problem.

So stop by, get some coffee, and check us out. We’d love to know you better.


  • We treat your car like it was our own
  • We are a friendly, helpful and professional team
  • If it’s broke, we will fix it. 
  • We back up our work with a 12 month / 12,000 mile warranty
  • If it’s not fixable, we’ll tell it to you straight.
  • Comfortable waiting room & convenient locations
/ 5
  • "I live 15 miles away, but there is no other place that I would bring my cars too. They are quick, professional, and above all else, honest. You can trust Schummer's with no hesitation. When they tell you what is wrong with your car, you can be confident that it is the truth."

    ZACK J.
  • "This service station is one of the best and friendliest I have ever come across. From the time I drop my car off to the time I pick it up, it is the most pleasant and efficient service station ever! I highly recommend Schummer's to everyone."

    ROB W.
  • "Trustworthy, prompt and very good at their jobs. They fixed a 22 year old slightly worn out car for me. Schummer's also checked on a used car I was considering buying (they found all the things wrong with it and prevented me from wasting my money.)"



Your repairs are only as good as our mechanics. Want to know what’s going on underneath the hood? Here are the friendly faces you’ll see in our shop.

Nick Fury

Formerly Known As Nick Schummer: master mechanic and super-genius, crisis negotiator and all-around ass-kicker. He has no jobs, only assignments. No hobbies, only amusements. He knows your social security number and your mother’s maiden name. In addition to several successful business fronts in the Philadelphia area, he is the Director of Fury Heavy Industries. The parts of his biography that aren’t top secret have been redacted. Move along, citizen… move along.

Ed with No Last Name

Ed is a man of mystery. We do know that he’s an ASE certified master mechanic, and whoops Nick’s ass whenever there’s a mechanic throw-down. What is a mechanic throw-down, you ask?

… Pray you never find out.

Batman, Buddy, and Vader

Never trust a shop that doesn’t have friendly furry creatures milling about! Proof that cats and dogs can indeed live together without mass hysteria, our lovable fuzz butts are NEVER the reason why your car isn’t done on time…

Dan Czech-Jones

Are two last names necessary? No. Why, are you jealous?

Dan represents the epitome of customer service. Women far and wide call up asking for that ‘looker’ who takes care of their cars. Back off, ladies… you’ll have to find some other service writer for your car repair businesses.

When not moonlighting as a male model, Dan also enjoys gardening.

Seriously, he grows great tomatoes.


Andrew, while not a poet, has chosen to represent himself with an acrostic:


Andrew… he’s from Brooklyn,

Not someone to mess with.


Really honest,

Everyone loves him,

Why shouldn’t you?

Keven Suave

Keven has not yet submitted his bio, so instead we submit this question…

Why do you not play the Sauzaphone? …Sorry, Sousaphone?

Geihl K.

Geihl is a wild and crazy guy! He and his wife Sarah are vegans, peacemakers, and most-excellent parents to a singular human being.

He works primarily at the Kensington location, and lives primarily in the South Philly area.

Max L.

Max can be regularly seen at the Mayfair shop with a sledgehammer in one hand and a wrench in the other. He smiles way too much for a man holding a sledgehammer anywhere near your car.

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