With myCarFax, you can:

  • Access your vehicle’s service and repair history (even from before you bought it.)

  • Receive automated service and recall reminders.

  • Receive customized coupons for the service you need, when you need it.

  • Know you’re getting the best deal by viewing industry average prices for many common repairs.


View your repair history and more at MyCarFax.com

We are a CarFax Service Shop, which means our shop management software is linked to CarFax through the unique Vehicle Identification Number assigned to every car (we do not share personal information with CarFax, just the VIN, Service and Repair History for the vehicle.)  CarFax helps us identify some (but not all) past history of vehicles and helps us locate and receive the correct parts for your car at the best price as soon as possible.

Sign up for MyCarFax today!

Sign up for MyCarFax today

If YOU want to share your E-Mail address (and maybe other personal information if you’re into that sort of thing) with myCarFax, you can also access your vehicle’s repair history, get automated service and recall reminders, view industry average prices for many common repairs, and receive customized coupons for the service you need, when you need it!

There are myCarFax Apps for iPhone and Android available, as well as a website you can use to access your own myCarFax account, vehicle history, coupons, and more.

Our Service Advisers can answer questions and sign you up quick (call us or ask about myCarFax when you’re in the shop.) You can also sign yourself up at the myCarFax Web Site.

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